The songs of my people: A self-initiated animated poster project which uses Typography, colour and illustration to reflect the mood of the chosen songs. The songs and lyrics in this project have been chosen by friends. Each poster is a response to the chosen song. 
Young Guns - Learn my Lesson.
This song is all about being strong and looking forward but even the strongest people will occasionally focus on what they won't achieve or will never be. Hence this lyric choice. I chose a bold text because it is strength to learn lessons from life experience. But it is also possible to be broken down just as easily by things you see as impossible. Hence the glitchy effect on the word haunted, I chose red as it is a warning. Perhaps to steer away from comparing yourself to others.
The poster for learn my lesson was the first created in this series, trying to capture the feel of the song through colours, themes and experimental typography.
The songs of my people: Poster Project: Linkin Park - One More Light.
The second in the songs of my people series. Just after I started this project was not long after the passing of Chester Bennington, lead singer of Linkin Park. This song was off their most recent album and resonates with a lot of people. Once again, I tried to paint a scene in my head visually for this song. A dark, but starry night was what I pictured.
The songs of my people: Poster Project: Aerosmith - Dream on.
The third poster in this series, based off the song Dream On By Aerosmith is about failure and loss in life and moving on from it. The image of a hand reaching out, perhaps just after losing a fight with something but still carrying on. It's asking for that person to "Sing with me, just for today". Whilst also seeming dreamlike, with the slight haze the floating "dust" adds to the piece.

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