School of Motion - Animation Bootcamp
I wanted to upgrade my Motion Design skills, so I enrolled into School of Motion's Animation Bootcamp. I wanted to keep a record of my work from the course, so here it is :)
Johnny Dreidel, loved working on this piece. The idea of this was to create a fun, bouncy intro for the company Johnny Dreidl. Working with sliders and using oscillations in the value graph to create anticipation and overshooting.
Cowblaster, this was essentially a piece where someone was looking through a visor and targeting the cows. This once again was working with oscillations and anticipating and overshoots. However, as it was computer-graphic inspired. I wanted to make the movements more linear and ridgid to really portray that effect.
Step Three
The goal for this was to experiment with the value graph and easing, using it to create the three steps to success, maybe with a couple left out ;) (3,3.1,3.2,3.3,3.4.....)
Space Explorer, this was my first time using adobe animate and experimenting with squash and stretch to create a ball doing a loop-de-loop
This piece was to create a super fun animation card for a pool noodle business.
Within the course you learn about squash and stretch and creating rigs to help maintain mass whilst doing so. So although this wasn't a project from the course, I wanted to include it in here as I had a lot of fun learning how to rig these with sliders and animating them to create the desired effect.

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